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Worship Times

9:15 AM - Sunday School

10:30 AM - Morning Worship

Child Care is available

7:00 PM - Evening Worship

Who We Are

The Reformed Church of Bushkill is blessed to comprise a rich diversity of people. We have different religious histories (and sometimes no religious history!), various theological perspectives, and quite an array of skin colors. We come from any number of countries, and have grown up in any number of circumstances. We have one thing in common, though: we’re trying to live out the way of Jesus Christ. We find meaning in letting our diversity find expression in our worship, in music, and in the form of our worship service. We’re a church that believes deeply in relationships. Those get expressed in a joyous and even somewhat loud coffee hour after the service.

Our Mission is Striving to Do What Christ Tells Us through Scripture

We do our best to serve our community: we serve a weekly community dinner on Thursdays from 5:00-7:00 PM and started the Breaking Free Center, where people in our community can find support addressing their hurts, hang-ups and habits. Above all, we’re a church that believes in following where Jesus is calling us to be. We don’t want to keep doing things – either in our church or as individuals – in the same ways we always have. Jesus calls us to grow and that requires that we change. We invite you to join us in that journey!

Join Us

More and more, people want to experience, and even participate in, the Christian faith before signing on. That’s a good thing! You can explore the Reformed Church of Bushkill at one of our two worship services. We worship at 10:30 AM each Sunday morning. This is our largest service – our band plays at this service. Because it dovetails with our Sunday School, we have a children’s moment at each Sunday morning service too.

We do a very similar service on Sunday evenings at 7 PM. Our evening service is quieter, however. There’s a bit less singing, but we take some time to talk together after the sermon about what God is trying to teach us through the Scripture lesson.

Sunday School is at 9:15 on Sunday mornings. We have classes for kids from age 3 through high school. We also have a class for adults. In addition to this opportunity for adult discipleship, we have a lot of small groups – we call them Growth Groups – that meet throughout the week. Most of the Growth Groups discuss the Scripture lesson that we read in Sunday worship.

We have all sorts of other things going on which you can read about as you look a little more thoroughly at our web site.

If you’d like to explore the life of Christ more deeply, we invite you to join with us. You’re welcome to just sit and see if the life of Christ as our church understands it works for you. But you can only sit for a little while! Our church has discovered that Jesus calls each of us into ministry. So we strongly encourage each of our people to discover the way God has shaped them for ministry, listen to God’s call, and then get out and do.


Called to Discipleship

Jesus had a bunch of people called disciples whom He had gathered around Him. Disciple simply means one who comes to experience and learn life at the hand of a master. Jesus - THE Master - spent a lot of time teaching them the way of the Kingdom of God. Then, after He had been raised, Jesus told those same disciples to go into the world and make more disciples, with the help of the Holy Spirit. This, then, is the job of the Christian church: to help God make disciples. This is also the task of every human being who walks this planet: to experience and learn the life of the Kingdom of God - to more fully become disciples of Jesus Christ.

You don't simply become a disciple. Rather, you become a disciple. You can become a Christian pretty quickly, and many people do. In doing so, we make Christ the be-all and end-all of our lives and our salvation is assured. To become a disciple, though, is a lifelong process. Our church feels God calling us to help Him make disciples, people who gradually know, follow, experience, then know more, follow further and experience more deeply the way of God.

Here’s how that might look for some people:

  • You experience a hunger for something more out of life, or a sense that there’s a bigger truth out there than you’d ever dreamed of.
  • You go to a church. There you discover a bunch of people on the same search.
  • You start to live life with them – serving the world, loving each other, learning from the Word of God, and spending time with God in prayer.
  • You feel God leading you to become a Christian, and are baptized.
  • You keep going to that church. You keep studying Scripture. You join a group of other Christians (and maybe some folks who are thinking about becoming Christians), and they help you to grow deeper in your faith (and you help them)
  • You open yourself up to what God is trying to do in you, and seek to change and grow according to God’s leading.
  • You keep doing that for the rest of your life!



Growth Groups

There are Growth Groups led by trained leaders meeting in several locations and at various times sponsored by the Reformed Church of Bushkill and dedicated to providing authentic relationships with others as they deepen their relationship with God. The coordinator of Growth Groups is dedicated to providing a group experience to anyone who wishes to have one. God has created us with a need for community and that community is best achieved by belonging to a group of ten or fewer people in which all members develop a close, trusting relationship that allows folks to truly care for one another. You owe it to yourself and, more importantly, to God to be in such a group.

Congregational Care (Visitation)

The Reformed Church of Bushkill are a truly caring bunch of people. This statement has become a trademark of our congregation for some time now. We are blessed to be able to say that we have many people in our congregation who minister to the sick, depressed, lonely, and people who simply need a friend. We are blessed, also, to have a Congregational Care Ministry that has a few designated people who provide care on behalf of our church.

These special people will make visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and houses of those who are in need or want of prayer or care. Some have had classes that have taught them to minister to and counsel those in need. Some will send a card or make a phone call. Others are blessed with gifts such as the ability to cook or bake and will provide meals to those who are in need.

The people who provide care in this ministry are called to take care of people, and they do their best to make sure that when they hear of someone in need, they respond with care and kindness. Our Congregational Care ministers do their very best to make sure that our congregation feels cared for.

Fellowship Teams

More information to be announced

Women's Fellowship

More information to be announced

Our program is always looking for volunteers and donations. If you are interested, please contact us at your convenience.

Youth Group

More information to be announced



Our Worship Life

At The Reformed Church of Bushkill, our worship is an interesting amalgam of traditional Reformed liturgy and modern elements. You’ll hear electric guitars and maybe see a movie clip that illustrates a point from the sermon. We also follow the liturgical format that the Reformed Church has used for nearly 500 years. This Reformed liturgy moves us through the drama and mystery of salvation each Sunday. Above all, this liturgy keeps the Word of God central to our worship.

Our diversity and commonality dramatically influence the way we worship. On a given Sunday, you might hear Gospel, rock ‘n’ roll and traditional hymns. You’ll hear the Bible examined in depth, while we also remember that not everyone has much familiarity with Scripture. We’ll use everyday language to talk about the truths of Scripture that guide our everyday lives.

There are two similar services each Sunday. Each has its own different character however. The morning service, at 10:30, has a lot of energy and music. This is the service at which our band plays. It typically lasts an hour-and-a-quarter. Our evening service is smaller, quieter and more relational. Each Sunday evening, we leave time to talk with each other during the service about what God is saying to us through the Scripture lesson.



Adult Sunday School

There is at least one offering of Adult Sunday School that meets concurrently with the Sunday School offering for children and youth each Sunday.

Sunday School

Sunday School at The Reformed Church of Bushkill is taught by a loving and dedicated staff of teachers. There are classes for children ages three years old through 12th Grade; our Sunday School starts in September and continues until June of the next year. We meet at 9:15 in the classrooms downstairs until 10:15 AM.

We usually have special activities for Advent and Easter, where all the children work on something special for the season, (sometimes Moms and Dads are invited too)! Please bring your children for Sunday School at our church – we would love to have them!

“Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life.” – Proverbs 22:6

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School at The Reformed Church of Bushkill is offered to children ages four through 6th Grade and is usually during the month of July or August. The week runs from Monday through Friday and it begins at 9:00 a.m. and continues until Noon. The day is filled with exciting Bible lessons, great crafts, fun games, cool music, and of course a yummy snack. We would love to have your children join us for an awesome week as we learn how to live for Jesus better each day!

Our Vacation Bible School is staffed by a great group of volunteers from our congregation and they do an amazing job! They usually come back each year because they really love the kids and they absolutely love the Lord!


We have trained a team of liturgists to assist in leading our service. They pray, select responses and enable worship to flow in a smooth fashion. The training to join this team takes four weeks.

Preachers From The Pews

Several folks from our congregation have been through extensive preaching training. When the pastor is away, these trained preachers lead worship. The training for these “preachers from the pews” lasted about 12 weeks.